How to Build a Shed – How to Frame Walls For a Shed – Video 5 of 15

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In this video Henry teaches you how to frame the walls for the shed, or any building. He shows you how to mark and layout the walls as well as detailed instruction on:

– Right way to measure and mark top and bottom plates for studs.
– How to frame the shed corners with inside corner backing if required
– How To Identify crown edge of studs and placement for straighter walls.
– How to easily line up walls to shed floor
– How to frame a door or window header
– How to Stand up, brace and plumb the walls
– Frame a door opening
– Block walls to increase door security and reduce break & Enter

NOTE: Henry shows you how to frame a door opening with a header but no window in this video. However, if you are framing a window, simply determine the opening height required, cut and install a horizontal 2×4 and then finish the studs underneath as per the 16″ centers marked out on the bottom plate.

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